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Finding the right tool or resource for your eCommerce business can be seriously time-consuming. It often takes a lot of trial and error and experience in the industry to figure out the best tool for all kinds of eCommerce needs.

Choosing the right tool from thousands of platforms, tools and applications in the ever-growing eCommerce niche is definitely challenging. The situation is even more complex for beginners having to choose from dozens of tools promising to solve the same problem.

My goal with this comprehensive list of eCommerce resources is to help you redirect to the list of useful tools and resources that you can explore and make it easy to decide the best one for your business.

I have also curated a platform-specific list of resources that you can quickly refer to see if you have been missing out on some useful app or extension that can come in handy for your online store.

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Featured eCommerce Resources

These are some of our top recommended eCommerce resources suitable for all kinds of online stores. Please refer to our platform-specific apps and resources in the sections below.  

List of eCommerce Platforms

eCommmerce Platforms

Starting with the right eCommerce platform should be a priority as a beginner. You need to do sufficient research before making this decision as changing platforms in later stages might be complicated. 



Shopify is the top-rated eCommerce software platform.


Squarespace is a simple eCommerce website builder.


Square offers complete eCommerce toolset for small businesses.
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Landing page and funnel builders

Landing Pages + Funnels

For big eCommerce stores or for serious marketers, there might be needs to build dedicated landing pages and sales funnels which might be beyond the capabilities of their default eCommerce platform. 


ClickFunnels is one of the popular options for building complex sales funnels and might be useful depending on your eCommerce products.


If you are looking for dedicated landing pages solution, Unbounce makes it super easy with their professionally designed templates focused on conversions.


LeadPages is also a leading landing page and funnels building software used by many eCommerce marketers.
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eCommerce Resources for Shopify Users

Shopify eCommerce Resources

If you are using Shopify for your online store, here are some of the top recommended apps and resources that you might find useful.  

Shopify APPS
Tips on Selecting ECommerce resources

How to choose the best eCommerce resources?

As you start exploring the above-listed tools and resources, here are some tips on how to approach, evaluate and find the best resources for your online store needs.  

Choosing the right tool or an eCommerce resource comes down to your needs. You will find countless guides and reviews for popular tools and platforms and spending your time to do the research can go a long way.

Curated resources list like this one is definitely the right step in your research process to explore tools and see what exists out there.

Here are a few other quick recommendations in finding the best eCommerce resources and deciding if it’s the right one for you.

Get Free Trials and Use Them

My main recommendation is to explore the list of platforms, apps or other kinds of tools that exist for your needs. I would then suggest to check out their reviews and use their free trials to get fully acquainted with them.

Using and experimenting with the tool will help you develop your understanding and make it easier for you to decide the right one.

Check out Blogs for Reviews

Blogs and detailed guides can help you get an overview of the tool and resource you might be considering. It’s a quick way to learn what an experienced user thinks of the tool.

Make sure to check out the pros and cons section or look at the critical reviews to understand both the upside and downside of the specific tool.

Join eCommerce Groups

Another way to explore useful eCommerce resources is by joining groups and participating in conversations. You can even start a thread asking for other members opinion about the tools or platform that you are interested in.

You can also learn a lot from the conversations happening in the groups. Please refer to some of the best Facebook groups in the resources section above.

Check out YouTube Video Guides

There are several YouTube channels that discuss eCommerce and you are only a search away from finding video guides and reviews of the resource that you are looking for.

Videos can also be a quick and useful way to see what the platform looks like inside and to get a second opinion from the creator.

Learn from eCommerce Books

Books can be a time-consuming way to find out specific resources or tools but they are a great resource in understanding something in greater detail.

If you are able to, investing time in going through detailed guides or books can hugely improve your understanding.

Join eCommerce Courses

The proliferation of eCommerce courses promising get-quick-rich schemes have certainly diminished the reputation of courses but there are definitely great courses out there with expert knowledge and appropriate price.

Most platforms themselves offer free introductory courses that can be hugely beneficial while starting out with your eCommerce store. There might also be eCommerce courses included already with your existing subscriptions of learning platforms.

Hopefully, our curated list of some of the best eCommerce resources and quick tips is helpful for you in exploring the resources available and finding the right one for your needs.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or if our recommendations have been useful for your eCommerce stores.

Any eCommerce Resource Suggestion?

If you think we are missing any useful resources or have anything in mind, please get in touch with us with your suggestion.

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